Watchman: Keeping you safe

Safety is never a choice for Pickr, our people or partners. It’s the priority. Our latest feature release includes ‘Watchman’, a safeguard to ensure our contractors get home safe.

Due to the nature the work, our community of contractors may be required to work in rural areas, at height, underground or alone. Each of these scenarios come with their own risks.

Our latest Watchman feature will alert us if you’re unable to mark yourself as safely arriving on site. If we can’t get in contact with you, we’ll raise the alarm.

How does it work?

On the day of the job, you’ll be sent an in-app notification asking you to estimate your travel time to site. Once you get there you mark your safe arrival with a single click.

You follow the same process for working on site and travelling home, estimating the duration of time you’ll finish a job or complete the journey. If you don’t complete the action, we’ll give you a call to confirm you have arrived/exited site safely.

If you don’t answer, after 6 hours we’ll get in touch with the trusted contact you provided us with on registration. This should be someone who would know if you were missing, such as a spouse or housemate.

Within 24hours, if you haven’t marked yourself safe, responded to calls from ourselves or your nominated contact, the case will be escalated to the local authorities.


Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility because everyone has the right to get home safe. And let’s face it, without you, the work simply won’t get done. It’s in everyone’s interests to minimise risk and Watchman is a tech-led solution to support that.

Don’t forget…

All our policies and practices are detailed in a handy guide under the H&S tab in the app. This is a great go-to for all safety related stuff including our Assurance documentation, bitesize chunks of best practice in the Safe-Tea Break series and the ability report incidents or near-misses.

We’d also love to hear from you if you have any tips or suggestions of your own. Drop a message to