This is what you need to join Pickr – Identification, Accreditation, Insurance

The telecoms sector is made up of businesses and individuals who are tasked with keeping Britain’s economy moving, especially following recent government recession announcements.  

If you happen to be one of those people, you are in luck. There is a growing demand for your skills in the workplace. That means more opportunity, more variety, and more money. 

Pickr is a digital staffing platform which specialises in sourcing roles within the telecoms sector. It has never been easier or quicker to see what work is available.  



Registration is free, easy, and very quick. Pickr empowers individuals to take charge of their career and challenge the traditional structure of the workforce and providing the tools to help fibre professionals flourish. 

Pickr fibre engineer testimonial

IAI – Identification + Accreditation + Insurance 

Partners create their profile to accurately reflect their skills and experience. In just a couple of minutes workers can input their work history, accreditations, and preferred rates of pay. 

The Pickr App allows Partners to easily upload proof of all the necessary identification, accreditations and DBS checks prior to them starting work. 

Pickr then has all the information needed to match Partners to available contracts, saving time, and reducing admin. The ease and usability of the new Pickr app is just one way we’re removing the barriers to fulfilling and flexible fibre work. 



Pickr offers ongoing work 

We are not a recruitment agency. The businesses we work with directly upload their requirements to the Pickr platform. Pickr was built by people who have worked in the industry, we know the jobs we are hiring for which means we know your value. You will not be shoe-horned into a one-off role and forgotten about. We can offer flexible work to suit you on a regular basis.

You are in control 

There’s total transparency around what work is available, where, when and how much. Rather than being at the mercy of a recruitment agent, as a self-employed contractor,  you are in control of the work you want to undertake. Whether you want to work once in a blue moon, or all the hours under the sun, you can. All that is left to do is cash in 

What’s not to like? 

Pickr takes the hard work out of finding work. Not only is it quicker, easier, and more effective than hoping Gary’s passed your message on, it’s also an opportunity to earn more whilst being in control of your availability and amount of work you choose to accept. You are not beholden to anyone. It is a work revolution!  

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