Talking tech with Thomas Remmert

Thomas Remmert has a long, distinguished career in the technology sector. As Episode1’s Technical Due Diligence Advisor he is tasked with appraising the technology and processes of start-up’s seeking investment.

Fortunately for Pickr, he liked what he saw and his review helped us secure £1m funding to help us better connect utilities businesses with the workers they need.

As a start-up, we know a solid foundation is essential to our future success. That’s why we asked Thomas to stay on in an advisory role. His experience will help us ensure a best practice approach that fits our growth mindset!

How are you finding Pickr?  

Exciting! I mean it’s always exciting to have a big impact. I’ve been CTO three or four times now. In my role as an advisor I’ve worked with about fifty to sixty start-ups, so it’s great to to bring that experience and learn new things at the same time. Everyone does things differently and everyone has new approach, so it’s quite fun.

What do you think about the Pickr platform? 

I think what Pickr’s Development team has built is a nice piece of technology. One of the things that I’ve found quite impressive is that last time I was here in February, we looked at a couple of things and I made a couple of suggestions about how we can change the process. How they’ve set it up in the meantime—and I looked at it today—is actually better than I managed to set it up with my own business, so that was fun. They’re very motivated and I was quite impressed.

What do you think makes a good workplace culture in a technology business? 

Well I think there are a number of things that make a good workplace culture. I think the most important thing is to be honest and hire the right people that will work well together—and that’s definitely the case here. You have a very open environment and conversation wise that you can talk about anything. You can challenge anything, as long as you’re reasonable, and that has created quite an exciting team.

Big thank you to Thomas for sharing his insights, both with the team and on camera! Check out the full interview.

We couldn’t agree with Thomas more. Pickr’s people are what make us great and we’re on the hunt for some talented Developers who can help us code our vision into reality. There’s never been a more exciting time to join the Pickr family, check out our video and see for yourself! If you think you’re up to the challenge send your CV to