Pickr welcomes Head of Assurance

Health and safety is never a choice for Pickr, our people or partners. It’s a priority. Having expertise in-house is the  easiest way to implement health and safety best practice at all levels of our technology and our business. That’s why we’re delighted to welcome Michael Rennie to the team!

Michael started his career as an Openreach fibre engineer and has since had held a number of different senior roles in the industry before moving into compliance and assurance 7 years ago.

“I’m looking forward to joining a young company with such great ambition. I’m incredibly impressed with the technology – some of the things I’ve seen in one day I’ve not seen before in the industry. There’s so much potential and I’m really excited to be joining at this pivotal stage of the journey” Michael Rennie , Pickr Head of Assurance

As our Head of Assurance, Michael will be critical in supporting our contractors implement the highest quality fibre work, safely and at scale. Michael will be responsible for ensuring our teams are not only compliant with regulations but applying the highest standards of health and safety through the business.  His insight will also inform the content in our in-app health and safety tab.

Some of our latest health and safety features include;

Watchman – Watchman is an in-app feature that raises an alarm if contractors don’t mark themselves as safely arriving on site.

Safe-tea break– An in-app video series offering bite-sized chunks of health and safety best practice.

Work Audit Tool – A feature that allows contractors to evidence their work, maintaining high standards and reducing delayed payments.

“Health and safety is of paramount importance, particularly so as our tech scales. Having Michael on the team at this early stage is a fantastic opportunity to get it right from the off.

We’re having some really valuable conversations about how we can incentivise solid health safety practices on every site. I think what our latest release proves is that health and safety doesn’t have to be boring, it can be relevant and engaging. It needs to be because everyone has the right to get home safe.” Kane Halsey, Pickr CEO

We’ll be hearing more from Michael in our ‘On the sofa series’ and the Pickr lounge in the future. In the meantime, you can check him out on LinkedIn or if you’d like to contact him directly, you can email him on michael.rennie@pickr.works.