Partners provide skill and passion

No longer detached at the bottom of the supply-chain, our Partners are highly skilled teams that love building infrastructure, connecting customers and joining the dots in an ever-changing environment.

Partners focus on safety, not sales.

“Anyone who has ever worked in telecoms knows how challenging it is to keep a business running – from sourcing consistent work to getting paid. Pickr has taken care of our sales and payments, now we can focus on doing a great job safely.”

Partners bring their A-game, we bring the rest.

“I’ve had the risk of being self-employed for years but now I’ve got access to Pickr’s technology, industry experience, the best pay rates and pre-negotiated deals. This is my chance to reap the rewards.”

Partners benefit from doing the right thing.

“Pickr is the only place I’ve seen that puts their money where their mouth is on safety. We have access to support 24:7, the right training and accreditation, coaches out in the field and we earn more from doing what’s right not what’s easy.”

Faster pay + More money

Work directly with some of the UK largest infrastructure companies, by removing the various supply chain levels you can take home more money on every job. In addition, our innovative online platform allows you to upload you work packs for approval to get paid quicker!

Support when you need it

We’re here to help you in any way we can, in person (social distance rules apply), online or over the phone – we’ve got your back.

A platform, that joins the dots.

The Pickr platform joins the right dots at the right time to increase the speed and scale of operational strategies, and overcome commercial challenges.

Register and create your profile

Upload skills, accreditation, NOPS, Right to work and insurance

Match up with work in your area
Complete and document work
Work packs approved by Pickr
Get paid

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