On the sofa with Simon Rogers

Pickr’s technology is the core of our business model. It what makes our platform, quicker, easier and more effective than traditional staffing solutions. Our development team are the heart of that innovation and today, we’re joined on the sofa by Pickr’s senior developer, Simon Rogers.

Simon’s an experienced developer and has worked in the technology sector for over a decade. He joined Pickr in January 2019, readily accepting the challenge to learn new coding languages and taking on AWS certification from the get-go.

Simon Rogers, Pickr Developer

What technology does the Pickr platform use to match workers with the businesses who need their skills?

We use a number of different technologies. The core API platform is programmed in C# .NET Core with a React SPA and React Native mobile application. We use a number of customisable third party end points to achieve a strong matching process which powerfully matches workers with the requirements of the business.


“The technology sector is constantly changing and you have to evolve with it to stay relevant.”

C# and React were both new to me so it’s been a great opportunity to gain a portfolio of new skills. The technology sector is constantly changing and you have to evolve with it to stay relevant. That’s why I jumped at the chance to do an AWS certification when Pickr offered it. Not many other companies are so keen to support your professional development but Pickr see it as an investment. It ensures the platform is at the cutting edge of technology.

How do you foresee the platform developing in the future? How will the team accomplish this?

I think the main thing in the shorter term is building more fluidity into the platform. The work we’ve been doing in the last 4 months has been all about creating a solid foundation of code to build upon in the future. We’re intent on creating a great user experience for both businesses and workers.

Now we’re at a stage of the journey where we can focus on creating a feature rich tool for the users we already have and start  anticipating the needs of prospective customers and workers in the future. At the moment, that means reducing the time from the company saying ‘I need staff’, to sourcing those people in our talent cloud, to them showing up on site ready to work.


“There’s so much potential when it comes to the scope of the technology we’re building- it makes it exciting to come to work.”

What is your favourite thing about working at Pickr? Would you recommend it to other Developers?

Absolutely- I love the start-up environment and I think Pickr are a great example of how effective a positive company culture can be in driving results. We’re afforded real autonomy over our work. The work environment is friendly, informal and relaxed. That makes it a good space for learning because you’re comfortable enough to make suggestions or ask questions if you feel unsure. We’ve got access to some great learning resources- including getting to work alongside Episode1’s Tech Advisor, Thomas Remmert!

There’s so much potential when it comes to the scope of the technology we’re building-it makes it exciting to come to work. Even at this early stage the business has been shortlisted for a number of awards, including the National Tech awards and I think that’s a testament to the great team Kane’s built. We’re all very excited about the journey Pickr has undertaken and I love being a part of it. It’s definitely the best job I’ve had.


We’re making waves in industrial recruitment and it’s is a big job. This means we need a stellar tech team to work alongside Simon to help us challenge the status quo. Is that you?


If you like what Simon has to say and you have the skills and experience to help build our platform, we’d love to hear from you. Email a CV and covering letter to jobs@pickr.works. Have questions for Simon about what it’s like to work at Pickr? Message him on LinkedIn.