On the sofa with Max Andreassen

The Pickr platform is only as good as the developers creating it. That’s why we’re building a talented team with a passion for creating digital solutions to real world problems. 

Max joined Pickr 3 months ago and has quickly become an integral member of the team. He’s seen in some big milestones, representing the business pitching at SyncNorwich and simultaneously delighting and disgusting, devouring 60 chicken nuggets in one sitting. 


Can you tell us a bit about your role and what you’re working on at the moment?

I’m a full stack software engineer working alongside some great people in the back-end team to build our core product. One of the key priorities at this stage is scalability. We need to ensure the platform can handle the number of users we intend to reach. Presently that means the UK’s telecoms fibre community. In the future it may include workers from every industrial vertical.  

We’re utilising tools and practices such as AWS, Docker and TDD (Test Driven Development) to ensure that we build out the best, most efficient solution possible. Recently, the majority of my time has been spent working on the background logic for our Pickr ‘Audit Tool’. This feature will enable contractors to take pictures of fibre work they’ve completed to evidence their work and prove their value to prospective hirers.  

The Pickr platform is completely a new solution to a business limiting problem. It’s really fulfilling to work on something that ensures people can find valuable work opportunities and get paid what they deserve.

How does being a developer in a start-up differ to other roles you’ve held in the past?

This is an interesting question because I’ve now had the experience working in both an agency, where I was delivering work for other people’s futures, and now in a start-up where I am delivering work for our own company’s future. The satisfaction of being able to create something that you know is going to drive your own company forward is far more rewarding.  

Being in a start-up environment is also enabling me to pick up skills outside of my normal job role which I previously couldn’t. We recently competed in the SyncNorwich start-up challenge which has helped me develop my pitching skills. We also benefit from industry-leading mentorship from our tech adviser Thomas Remmert who we connected with through our investors-another benefit of start-up culture! 

We have a great mix of skills and experience in the team which is really positive in terms of sharing best practice. The whole experience is proving hugely beneficial as it is equipping me with all the tools to potentially embark on my own venture one day.

What’s been your favourite Pickr moment so far?

Aside from smashing the 60 chicken nugget challenge, my favourite Pickr moment was when the newly revised app went live. Watching user numbers climb from the tens into the hundreds and seeing how people engage with the platform was really excitingIts amazing to have the validation that people are using something you’ve poured your time and energy into building. 



Max is only 3 months into his Pickr journey and he’s helping us make huge strides forwards, advancing the features and functionality of our tech. If you’ve read this and thought an ambitious start-up culture could be for you then get in touch.  If you have questions about what it’s like to work at Pickr you can check out this video or drop Max a message on LinkedIn. Send a CV to jobs@pickr.works!

We’re looking for a number of talented techies to help us lead the digital staffing revolution, particularly people with the following skill sets;

Front-end (React, React Native, TDD)
Back-end (C#, .net core, AWS, TDD)
Product Mgt (NFX, VC backed)
Design (Adobe XD, mobile 1st)