On the sofa with Josh Guinness

Understanding the workers and the businesses who use the Pickr platform is critical to our success. That’s why we’re building out the team with industry professionals who have worked ‘both sides of the barrier’, as Josh puts it.

Our new GM of Telecoms for the Openreach Network has crammed so much in his first few weeks; from visiting customers cross-country, leading safety talks and working closely with our Ops team to flesh out existing processes, we wanted to take a moment and introduce him properly. He joins us for our on the sofa series.

What experience are you bringing to the GM of Telecoms role?

I started off as a measure tech for a civil engineering company. I was on live sites with the crew, so I got to learn all about the industry from their point of view. It also offered natural progression as an on-site supervisor where I was responsible for ensuring work was completed to the exact specifications of the job pack and the safety of the public and our workforce.

I have since been privileged enough to continue my career at various levels of management right from Project Delivery and Operations, to Contract Management. Those formative years provided me experience on both sides of the barrier, which is proving really valuable in my current role as Pickr’s GM of Telecoms role.

My role here is very much about building on the work of the existing team, ensuring our clients are happy with the service we provide and growing our footprint in areas we have never been to before. The greater our success, the better the experience for our clients, contractors and ultimately the end user – you or I at home on the WiFi.

How did you get into the industry?

Through an old school friend. I was catching up with them after a few months of not seeing them and naturally the conversation turned to work. They were working for a company in the industry who wanted recent graduates to mentor and progress in the sector. Working in a client and public facing environment was a real draw to me, particularly with the support and career progression the business offered .

Infrastructure support and the associated sectors are a huge industry that can offer great opportunities career wise. No one ever really talks about and it certainly wasn’t something that was ever suggested during my years of education. It’s very much an industry that everyone takes for granted but most have little or no knowledge of how our infrastructure is built.

What’s been the reaction of customers/colleagues when you’ve told them about the Pickr concept?

On the whole, very positive. I think a lot of people are realising that the traditional supply chain isn’t effective at getting the job done. Understandably, there’s also a lot of curiosity about whether we can make it happen. Telecoms, like a lot of the industrial sectors, can have the mantra of “we have always done it this way so any other way is wrong”. Overcoming that attitude is perhaps going to be one of the biggest challenges rather than anything to do with the tech or operational side. It’s always interested me that an industry which empowers others to have access to the latest technologies has been pretty slow to take up tech itself.

The way Pickr are trying to connect skilled professionals with work has optimised the whole process and making a real different for both the contractors and businesses who’re using it. I think in the coming months and years the majority of the fibre community will come to adopt to this way of working. Those who don’t risk getting left behind. I’m really please to have joined the business  at the forefront of this is exciting and ground-breaking technology.

If you’d like to discuss your telecoms resource requirements, please feel free to contact Josh. You can reach out on LinkedIn or email him directly: josh.guinness@pickr.works.