On the sofa with Charlie Wright

As Pickr’s talent clouds, customer base and internal team expands, so have the complexities of running a growing business. Charlie Wright was appointed Pickr’s Head of Operations in January this year. He’s responsible for ensuring Pickr is streamlined to deliver maximum value to our customers and community of skilled workers. 

Here he shares a little about his role and how Pickr serves telecoms businesses and fibre workers on-boarded on our platform. 

Pickrs Head of Operations, Charlie Wright

As Pickr’s Head of Operations, what problems are you tasked with solving? How do you utilise technology to do this? 

Pickr’s mission is to connect telecoms businesses with skilled fibre workers. No one else is doing this so we’re learning what works and what doesn’t along the way and we’re in a constant battle against industry volatility.  

Our customers win and lose contacts based at the speed they can augment their workforce. The key to our success is facilitating these businesses with the staff they need, when they need them. This is often at short notice and subject to change.  

To overcome these challenges, we take an omnichannel approach to our service delivery. We’re able to leverage the Pickr app to give our candidates access to the right information while using our data to deliver relevant push notifications about work or workers. 

“As a tech company we’re forever pursuing a data-driven approach.”

Our customers are mobile, so SMS is a powerful tool for getting in touch with them. We can use this to ensure all candidates have a check-in message on their interview, induction and first day on site with any contractor. 

Most importantly, we have an agile approach to on-boarding candidates. From using API’s to run DBS checks in less than 4 hours, to consistently using social aids like LinkedIn or third-party sites to provide our team additional information quickly and securely. 

As a tech company we’re forever pursuing a data-driven approach. This will help us realise our aim of becoming the smartest and most efficient staffing platform in the UK, not just in telecoms but the wider utilities market. 


What value does Pickr provide for the businesses and workers it partners with? 

I think Pickr’s potential lies in the fact the benefits really are twofold, serving both telecoms providers and the workers they need. We add value by managing the end to end on-boarding process for all workers, validating accreditations, running background checks and managing the whole payroll process. 

Anyone who’s ever tried to hire through a recruiter knows what a rigmarole it is. Pickr removes that hassle through automation. This means you can have a skilled fibre professional ready to turn up to work the next day rather than the 2 weeks it would take a person with a telephone and a call list. Businesses are afforded full transparency about who they’re inviting on site. They can check out reviews of workers by other businesses and see reliability data on worker profiles. 

“I developed training to provide context around the needs and challenges of telecoms businesses.

After signing up to Pickr, workers can be confident they have access to ongoing flexible fibre work when they want it. Once you’ve joined the Pickr community, you’re all set. It’s a free and easy way to access fibre work across the UK. 


How do you make sure your team are equipped to help Pickr’s businesses and workers to the best of their ability? 

I’ve got a project management background which means I consistently review our processes to identify possible efficiencies. I’m challenged by both the exec and our marketplace to get people ready for work as quickly as possible and this urgency is instilled into the team in an induction programme I’ve devised. I developed this training to provide context around the needs and challenges of telecoms businesses. 

This training also communicates the importance of data integrity. When I started in January one of the first things I identified was the need for a CRM. Having implemented Salesforce into the business, the team can now log every interaction responsibly and accurately. This affords them complete visibility across all Pickr’s workers and customers on the platform.  

We’ve implemented a 360 view of both the worker and customer and with real time dashboards we’re able to provide the best possible service. If my teams have to go anywhere else to get information, then I haven’t done my job properly. 


If you think you have the skills and experience to help Charlie realise his mission to make Pickr the ‘smartest and most efficient staffing platform’ then send your CV and covering letter to jobs@pickr.works. If you’re of a nosey disposition or have an affinity with men in tight trousers, you can also check out Charlies LinkedIn.