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Pickr is a digital staffing platform which helps industrial businesses reduce the cost of building and managing a flexible workforce.

Tap into the UK’s largest community of skilled industrial workers as and when demand arises. Augment your workforce in an instant without the challenges associated with traditional recruitment agencies.

Who is it for?

The UK’s leading telecoms and service providers often struggle sourcing the quantity and quality of workers they need to fulfil contractual obligations. They turn to Pickr as an alternative staffing solution.

We supply people for hundreds of businesses across the UK, primarily filling multiskilled roles in the utilities and telecoms sectors.

How does it work?

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“Scaling our workforce has never been easier. Pickr gives us access to the workers we need to help our business grow.”

Jonathan Large, Contracts Manager, KN Group

Qualified candidates quicker

Automating the recruitment process reduces the average time to hire to just 15 hours. Have your ideal candidate ready for work tomorrow.

Reduced costs

Eliminate the costs of working with traditional recruitment agencies. Ditch the CV shuffling to save hundreds of hours in admin and thousands of pounds of fees with each hire.

Protect your profitability

Don’t risk flipping contracts because of staffing shortages. Access a growing talent cloud of skilled workers – from contractors to full-timers and everything in between.

Manage your workforce

Don’t lose productivity – real-time GPS, predictive analytics and automated contingency make absenteeism a thing of the past.

Data-driven decision making

Intelligent matching identifies the best candidate for your roles. Cherry-pick your preferred candidates from a qualified shortlist based on their ratings and reviews.

Be more agile

React to operational issues pragmatically and adjust your headcount accordingly. Mobilise workers when you need them, disband them when you don’t.