Eliminate your staffing challenges

Get the people you need, when you need them by tapping into the largest community of skilled workers in the industrial sector.

Instantly scale your team with the quantity and quality of workers you need to complete key projects. Quickly and easily cherry pick the best candidates based on skills, experience and location.

Protect your profitability

Don’t risk flipping contracts because of staffing shortages. Unrestricted access to our dynamic workforce safeguards your projects without the challenges associated with traditional recruitment agencies.

Our average time to hire is just 15 hours, saving you hundreds of hours sifting through CVs and thousands of pounds in agency fees.

Looking to hire?

How does Pickr work?


Access a growing talent cloud of skilled workers – from contractors to full-timers and everything in between. Tap into Pickr to augment your workforce in an instant to solve your biggest challenges.


Get the people you need when you need them. By automating the hiring and management process, you can access the resource you need within the day. Have your ideal candidate ready for work tomorrow.


Don’t lose productivity – real-time GPS, predictive analytics and automated contingency make absenteeism a thing of the past.


Boost profits with real-time reporting to stay on top of workforce performance, wherever they may be.