Get the telecoms jobs you want

The utilities and telecoms sectors are made up of businesses and individuals who are tasked with keeping Britain’s economy moving.

If you happen to be one of those people, you’re in luck. There’s a growing demand for your skills in the workplace. That means more opportunity, more variety and more money.

Many people in your line of work rely on word of mouth for their next job. Whether it’s ringing round offering your expertise, or a recommendation from a friend, it’s worked so far so why would you change?


There’s an easier way…and it’s free

Technology is making it easy to connect with the utilities and telecoms businesses who need your skills. Pickr is a digital staffing platform which specialises in sourcing roles within the utilities and telecoms sectors. It’s never been easier or quicker to see what work is available. Sign up will only cost you a couple of minutes of your time.


Pickr offers ongoing work

We’re not a recruitment agency. The businesses we work with directly upload their requirements to the Pickr platform. Pickr was built by people who’ve worked in the industry, we know the jobs we’re hiring for which means we know your value. You won’t be shoe-horned into a one-off role and forgotten about. We work with a growing list of the country’s biggest utilities companies and can offer flexible work to suit you on a regular basis.


You’re in control

There’s total transparency around what work is available, where, when and how much. Simply log into your account and apply for the shifts you want. Rather than being at the mercy of a recruitment agent, you’re in control of the work you want to undertake. Whether you want to work once in a blue moon, or all the hours under the sun, you can. All that’s left to do is cash in!


Job alerts specific to your skills

The utilities and telecoms sectors require a whole array of skills to keep our homes and businesses connected. Whether you’re a civil, a project manager, surveyor or splicer we have shifts for you. And we needed you yesterday! Your Pickr profile is a snapshot of your skills and experience. AI matches you to the roles you’re most suited to (dictated by your skills, work preferences and availability). As soon as new relevant roles become available, you’ll be the first to know.


Build the career you want

All this freedom and flexibility is great for managing your commitments now, but it’s also a means to develop the skills you need for the career you want in the future. Working with multiple companies allows you to get a better understanding of industry best practice. You’ll meet a wide range of professionals and you’ll be afforded more opportunities from the skills and experience you’ve picked up with each shift. Not only that, but your Pickr profile is strengthened every time you work with ratings and endorsements from the companies you’ve worked with. This sets you apart and makes you a more attractive candidate to utilities and telecoms providers.


What’s not to like?

Pickr takes the hard work out of finding work. Not only is it quicker, easier and more effective than hoping Gary’s passed your message on, it’s also an opportunity to earn more, doing the shifts you want, when you want. You’re not beholden to anyone. It’s a work revolution! Sign up to Pickr today.