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Finding work, getting paid and developing skills to support you throughout your career is as easy as downloading the Pickr app. You're able to pick and choose opportunities based on your experience, availability and preferences.

Use the Pickr app to pickup contracts direct with big utilities companies - cutting out the layers of bureaucracy. You'll earn more, get paid quicker, and be your own boss. Initially we're working on Britain's fibre rollout, but we'll soon be expanding into other utilities.

Who is it for?

The industrial sector requires a multiskilled workforce, so we’re growing a diverse community of workers who can fulfil those roles effectively.

We need people with a broad range of skills, experience and qualifications to help our clients deliver on their promises. From civils to experienced splicers and everything in-between, if you have the relevant experience, we want you.

How does it work?

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“I've been working on contracts as part of a Pickr delivery team for 6 months. I've never earned more with so little hassle!”

Ryan Phillips, Fibre Splicer

Free & easy

Sign up is free and only takes a couple of minutes. Build a dynamic profile where your work speaks for itself.

Make ‘work’ work for you

Join delivery teams with colleagues you know and trust. Bid for contracts that suit your requirements for location, pay and skills.

Earn more, learn more

You’re your own boss. There’s no limit to how many contracts you work or how much you can earn. Scale your skills and experience working with industry leaders.

You’re in control

There’s total transparency around what work is available, where, when and how much. Simply log into your account and apply for the work you want.

Show your value

Build your profile with every shift. Ratings and reviews from the businesses you work with set you apart from other candidates.

Stay in the know

Customised job alerts and GPS notifications ensure you’re the first to know when new shifts relevant to your skills and experience are added to Pickr.