Badge of honour: Forces Badge added to Work Experience Card

Our Fibre worker survey 2019 found that 40% of all the workers who enter telecoms through a career change have a military background. In our blog, ‘Why do ex-services personnel go into telecoms’, we spoke to veterans to discover why this group enter the profession in such numbers.  

The predominant reasons that came up were a good fit in existing skill sets and the sense of community in the sector. Today, we celebrate those experiences by adding a Forces Badge to the Work Experience Cards on the Pickr platform. This will come in the form of a poppy in honour of Remembrance Day and act as a mark of military service. 

Ex-service personnel have a lot to offer the industry, with many holding themselves to high standard. The necessity of this has been drilled into them early in their forces career and can be summed up by Fibre Operations Manager and a former serviceman, Russ D. 

When I look for candidates for roles the key factors are; Punctuality, a willingness to learn, adaptability and cultural fit. All of these features are key components of any exforces personnel. 

I think these basic tools are overlooked by people serving within the Armed Forces but when coming into civilian employment, they are sometimes scarce in other individuals.  

A defined skillset and experience are gained over time, but the above factors are tools that are already drilled into a service leaver and stand them out from a crowd. 

The Forces Badge is a quick and easy way to reference your service and highlight valuable transferable skills to employers. Like the existing Badges on the Work Experience Cards, you will be able to add the ‘company’ which will detail the type of service and the duration of time you served. 

This feature is now live and we invite all existing members to include the badge on their profiles. We’d also like to hear if there’s anything else you’d like incorporated on the platform to help show your value, whether that’s in a military capacity or not.  

The Pickr platform is for you. We’re creating a technology first solution to reduce the frustrations felt by those working in fibre and other industrial businesses. In order to deliver the maximum amount of value we can, our platform must be informed by your expertise and experiences of working in the industry. Drop any suggestions to