On the sofa with Kane Halsey
kane smiles to camera whilst sat on a sofa in the pickr office
After years of seeing the same staffing challenges limit the businesses he worked with and for, Kane Halsey set about creating a solution.

A solid year of hard work, countless hours building a bespoke platform and securing £1m funding, Pickr has over 17k workers in its talent cloud and is set to revolutionise the way utilities and telecoms businesses source the workers they need.

Who better to get the Pickr lowdown than from the founder himself…

Kane, Pickr’s tag line is ‘powering work’. What do you mean by that?

The UK’s economy is massively dependent on how successful our utilities service providers are in developing and maintaining our growing infrastructure. The businesses in this complex supply chain, and the individuals who work for them, are the unsung heroes who operate in all conditions to keep our homes and businesses connected.

‘Powering work’ reflects Pickr’s focus on linking industrial businesses with the people they need to be successful. It’s not an over statement to say these companies win and lose contracts worth millions based on the speed at which they can scale their workforce. To help them, Pickr is creating the UK’s largest community of skilled industrial workers which these businesses can tap into when and where they need to.

‘Powering work’ also describes the way our platform helps individuals find fulfilling, flexible opportunities. Pickr is designed to take the hard work out of finding work, allowing individuals to prove their value to earn more now while building towards the career they want in the future.

To some ‘recruitment’ is a dirty word, what sets Pickr apart from other agencies?

Firstly, Pickr isn’t an agency. Pickr is a digital staffing platform that harnesses the power of technology to help businesses reduce the costs of building and managing a flexible workforce. By digitally automating the recruitment process we’ve eliminated the challenges associated with traditional agencies.

Companies tend to use recruiters to outsource the hassle of finding the right people for a role. That comes at a high price and the reality is that it’s a slow, unreliable and expensive. The traditional recruitment approach simply cannot deliver the quantity or quality of workers for the businesses we deal with quickly or cost-effectively.

For example, the average time to hire is 12 days for recruiters operating in this sector. That’s a lot of CV shuffling of unqualified candidates you could do without, with no guarantee they’ll even show up on the day.

Additionally, these recruitment agencies have a crippling no-show rate of 45%! Pickr’s intelligent matching algorithms reduce the time to hire to just 15 hours, and real-time performance and tracking data shows that workers on Pickr are four times more likely to honour their agreed shifts. Ultimately, Pickr is cheaper, easier and more effective than alternative staffing solutions.

How does Pickr utilise tech in its recruitment and customer management?

Pickr uses machine learning, automation and talent clouds to connect companies’ temporary, on-demand, or short-term hiring requirements to workers with the skills and availability they need. AI based CV analysis gives provides us with data in a structured format, which along with ML, allows us to provide companies with their top candidates without trawling through hundreds of CVs.

These intelligent matching algorithms streamline the whole recruitment process from sourcing the right Pickr candidate from the talent cloud, all the way through to hiring and managing performance on shift. The platform provides businesses with valuable insight they wouldn’t usually be privy to. This empowers them to make data-driven decisions that increase profitability long term.

Our technology also helps candidates manage their work. They are alerted to new opportunities and GPS tracking notifies them when they should leave home to arrive at their shifts on time. The Pickr app also optimises the payment process, giving workers immediate access to funds once shifts are approved.


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