Pickr and Openreach join forces
engineer smiles in excitement over the pickr and openreach partnership
As the UK’s race to full-fibre continues to intensify Pickr announced a bold, multi-million-pound partnership with Openreach, to accelerate the UK’s ultrafast full-fibre transformation in a sector that’s generally dominated by traditional contractors and multi-level sub-contracting.

Work is already underway thanks to the groundbreaking App developed by Pickr, which provides the user with the digital tools to enable the provision of FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises) to hundreds of thousands of homes in cities across the UK.

Kane Halsey, Founder and CEO of Pickr said, “A digital-first approach is critical to building the UK’s full-fibre future, faster. We’re thrilled that Openreach has selected Pickr to help them with this mission.”

“The entire Pickr team understand this opportunity comes with responsibilities but we’re certain we’re the right team and technology to become a cornerstone of Openreach’s strategy to make full-fibre more accessible to communities across the UK.”

A digital-first strategy means putting independents first

As the needs of our communities evolve this partnership will be an enabler for change. We’re committed to putting economic mobility and fairness for the people on the front line, at the top of our thinking.

Kane Halsey, Founder and CEO of Pickr said, “No longer detached at the bottom of the supply-chain, independent engineers and contractors are driving this change with their passion for building infrastructure, connecting customers, and joining the dots in an ever-changing environment.”

“As technology reshapes the world, there’s an opportunity to recognise the huge contribution independent engineers and contractors make to our communities and the UK economy by helping them reach their potential.”

Co-innovating the future of work

Pickr’s artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics capabilities are in use throughout, with a vision to make this the most automated, data-rich and customer-centric transformation contract in the sector.

Kane Halsey, Founder and CEO of Pickr said, “Digital-first operations are an enabler for physical infrastructure institutions, providing the agility they need to respond to customer pressures, regulatory changes and roll out their own innovations. We are committed to helping Openreach in its ongoing journey as it strives to address evolving customer needs and build the next generation of connectivity experiences.”


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