What you need to join Pickr
Thinking about joining Pickr? It’s the quickest and easiest way to secure your next fibre job. Joining Pickr’s community of skilled contractors can help you form teams and work direct for major suppliers on fibre projects across the UK.

Here’s what you need, and what you need to know to get started.

Public Liability Insurance

All our contractors need public liability cover of at least £5m and the certificates to prove it. If you don’t yet have insurance, we can introduce you to our insurance partner who can get you covered at a competitive price in no time.

Employers Liability Insurance

Got a crew? If you are legally considered their employer, we’ll need evidence of your employer’s liability cover of a minimum value of £10m. Again, if you aren’t yet covered, we can help you arrange that.


Due to the nature of the full fibre roll out, working closely with people’s homes, schools and businesses, you will require an up to date DBS check. We can process these (at no charge) or you can provide your own. When providing an existing DBS document, it must show your current address and be in date within at least 1 month.

Right to work check

A right to work check must be completed for all Pickr contractors. We will process this for you automatically as part of the on-boarding process.


You (and anyone working for you) will need to provide proof you are qualified to do the work you’re undertaking. You can do this quickly and easily by uploading your accreditations directly from your smartphone.

Fully completing your profile also means you will be accurately matched to the best opportunities based on your skills and experience.


All contractors and anyone working with/for you will have to provide evidence of a NOPS card. If you haven’t yet got one, we will be able to accept proof of your application for one.

Maintenance of plant

Any plant or machinery you own should be added to your profile to increase your chances of securing work and adding the right people to your Network. Images and dates can be added directly from your phone.

You need to provide evidence of the latest safety certificate or stamp proving that the equipment you intend to use is fit for purpose and not a health and safety risk to yourself, the public or other contractors.


Owning a vehicle increases your likelihood of securing the work you want. You’ll need to supply your registration and licence details so we can carry out a DVLA check. We’ll also require a copy of your insurance policy to ensure you’re covered for the duration of the work.

How to get started

It’s simple, easy and free to get started. Simply download the Pickr app to start building your profile. If you want any assistance drop us a message on hello@pickr.works or give our Ops team a call 01603 280155.


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