COVID-19: Adaptive tech in difficult times
The spread of COVID-19 has reinforced the longstanding message that health and safety is everybody’s responsibility. Whilst many of us are contributing by staying at home, key workers need to be mindful of the risks posed to them as well as those they pose to others.

Validate IQ is Pickr’s managed service assistant. It’s an automated customer focused feature that is designed to get work signed off and approved at scale, while helping identify potential improvements and training needs. We’re re-purposing this existing feature to support telecoms safety procedures to better protect our fibre professionals and the public.

Our team have been working day and night to train Validate IQ to detect breaches in COVID-19 safety procedures. This includes not maintaining adequate social distancing from other key workers, the public and properties (if possibly avoided). The wearing of masks and correct usage of newly introduced key worker signage will also be analysed by the system.

Traditionally, contractors submit images of complete works through the Work Audit Tool. These are geo-tagged, analysed and given an IQ score. This allows them to flag up exceptions for consideration with compliance teams, rather than them having to go through every image separately.

We’re adapting this technology to provide an additional Risk Rating Compliance Score which will identify safety failings and highlight improvements to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We appreciate that the retrospective uploaded images of a completed works is by no means a perfect solution. However, amending Validate IQ as a learning feature is a practical effort to be proactive and implement best practice going forward.

“An extensive amount of research and build time went into creating ValidateIQ. It’s a testament to how adaptive Pickr’s technology is that it’s now being utilised to support best practice procedure in the current health crisis.”

Max Andreassen, Software Engineer

Validate IQ uses AI which means it becomes more adept at identifying, analysing and evaluating data with every image uploaded. That’s why we’re open to collaborating with networks and businesses from across the telecoms industry to introduce safer working practices during this time of crisis.

Challenging times call for greater collaboration. The more industry participants that get involved, the more data we can collect from across the UK, providing greater visibility at scale. By working together with our industry partners and competition alike, we can hopefully all contribute to a safer future for all.

If you want to help us improve best practice procedure to protect key workers and the public by utilising Validate IQ contact Remember, all our COVID-19 policies and guidance can be found in the health and safety tab in the Pickr app.


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