COVID-19: In-app policies & guidance
Pickr’s teams of specialist telecoms contractors are defined as key workers under the Governments COVID-19 guidance. They are attending critical projects building and maintaining the UK’s infrastructure to connect our communities and keep our economy moving.

In order to protect themselves and the public, it is mandatory our contractors read and approve Pickr’s in-app COVID-19 policies before they start work. Unfortunately, the severity of the current health crisis means that non-compliance will result in contractors not starting or being removed from projects.

Our policies outline;

  • All Pickr contractors must travel to site in separate vehicles.
  • They must observe social distancing rules, remaining a minimum of 2m apart from the public and their colleagues, including in stores hubs.
  • Contractors must work separately where possible. For example, in our Test rod and rope projects, one person should be in the chamber and the other at the house end.
  • Key worker signage must be used on-site.
  • All vehicle’s, tooling and equipment must be kept clean and regularly wiped down with antibacterial wipes.
  • Contractors must not work in businesses or multi-dwelling units until further notice. This is to limit social interaction as much as possible.
  • High-levels of personal hygiene must be observed; using disposable gloves where applicable, regularly washing hands, covering mouths and nose when coughing or sneezing, and correctly disposing of used tissues.
  • Pickr’s contractors are also advised to contact their supervisors if they are unsure of any of the directions outlined in the policy or if they begin to feel unwell at any time.

“The safety of our contracting teams and the public have always been a priority for Pickr. COVID-19 is presenting a host of new challenges to the full fibre roll out when we need it most. Our in-app health and safety tab should be the go-to place for our community of contractors to stay up to date with the latest guidance to protect themselves and their families.”  Michael Rennie, Head of Assurance.

Even having completed the mandatory reading, contractors can refer to any of the health and safety documentation any time. This includes a useful links, videos and content to support them on Pickr projects. Download the app for free:


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