COVID-19: Supporting UK infrastructure
It’s Pickr’s mission to deliver essential work that powers everyday life. Unfortunately recent events mean the world feels anything but ‘business as usual’ at the moment.

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 health crisis, we’re asking what we can do to support the UK’s infrastructure sector. This is a critical industry that must persevere for the good of our businesses, communities, schools and hospitals. If our tech can better connect industry professionals to projects where their skills are needed, we want to facilitate that.

Maintaining and growing the UK’s infrastructure is critical to our success and so are the people who build it. This is our mission statement for how we’re going to assist them in this difficult time.

Supporting the industry with reduced fees

Home working without broadband, hospitals without power and communities without water are huge threats to more than just our comfort. Essential works cannot be put on hold and the people who maintain our physical infrastructure need to be supported.

We’re working urgently to support customers, contracts and projects that are under pressure. This includes reducing our customer fee and passing on the difference to our Contracting Partners.

We intend to work hand in hand with customers and competitors to ensure essential work is delivered and the people that power the industry are supported.

Helping Contracting Partners focus on work, not financial worry

While the COVID-19 forces some Contracting Partners teams into isolation, productivity is in decline but fixed the costs are not. Financial pressure can be a burden at the best of times, but particularly so in difficult situations like we are now facing.

Cash flow is the easiest way to ease this burden, which is why we’re launching a new payment option for Contracting Partners. This new feature will allow Partners of all sizes to opt into free 7-day payments on all Pickr orders regardless of their rating in a bid to help to create a more reliable and immediate source of cash flow.

Introducing new talent in the industry

We have exciting projects working direct for major networks across the nation. For every experienced team that starts, we’ll subsidise an additional new one to put less pressure on existing projects.

We’ll be funding training, equipment, PPE, insurances and access to a vehicle for 3 months for 10 teams. we’ll be releasing more details about this exciting project in the future!

Re-purposing our tech

Our Development teams are looking at ways we can use the existing technology in our app to help support key workers reduce the risk of spreading the virus when undertaking essential works.

Validate IQ is Pickr’s managed service assistant. It’s an automated customer focused feature that is designed to get work signed off and approved at scale, while helping identify potential improvements and training needs. The team are now looking to increase the scope of this feature to provide an additional Risk Rating Compliance Score which will identify safety failings and highlight practical procedural improvements.


Our technology is community minded, which is why we’re favouring collaboration over competition in this challenging time. We’re urging other key players in the infrastructure sector to come together and do the same to help the individuals and small businesses of the built environment who support each of us, everyday.


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