3 reasons not to use a recruiter

Traditional recruiters are like traffic wardens and the tax man, hugely unpopular. And for good reason.

The emergence of new jobs in the utilities sector see’s recruiters desperately fishing the same shallow pool of qualified candidates. The trouble with these guys is, they’re not just wasting the time of the businesses they hope to cream big bonuses off, they’re also wasting yours.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should use a digital staffing platform like Pickr instead.


Recruiters don’t call back

It’s like waiting on a call for a second date knowing they’re cheating on you with the other 15 candidates they’ve got lined up for the role. Awkward.

We get it. We’ve all got to eat and that’s how they make their money but there is a better way of securing a great job in a growing sector without (in the words of Blondie) hanging on the telephone.

A digital staffing platform removes the middle man, allowing you to apply for the roles you want when you want. All it takes is the click of a mouse.


They don’t know anything about your role

The utilities sector is massive, but the roles within it are pretty niche. Recruiters are paid to fill a vacancy. They don’t care who fills it as long they’re getting the commission for it. That’s not a problem until they’re shoe horning you into any old position, putting you up for jobs you’re either vastly over or under-qualified for.

Pickr specialises in industrial jobs. We work with 167 of the country’s leading utilities and telecoms suppliers. They upload their requirements on the platform and you’re automatically notified of the ones that you’d be a good fit for.

Once signed up, your profile is a living document. Endorsements and ratings from the businesses you’ve worked boost its prominence with each shift. Your work speaks for itself.


There’s no clarity on pay

It’s easier to get a straight answer from a politician on polling day than it is a salary expectation from a recruiter. You can be sure there’s some wheeling and dealing going on in the background despite your cries of “Show me the money!”.

On Pickr, you know the pay rates from the off. You’ll know if a position is salaried, paid by the hour or the shift. Some permanent salaried roles might be based on experience, but the right profile will get you in the door and an offer made directly from the employer pretty sharpish. A laborious back and forth just isn’t in their best interest


So, what are you waiting for?

Signing up to the Pickr platform is free and easy, giving you access to thousands of utilities jobs at all skills levels all around the country.

You’d be joining the UK’s largest community of skilled industrial workers. Our talent cloud has over 20,000 of your colleagues who’ve taken the hard work out of finding work. Sign up today and you could be one of them.



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