Pickr hosts Codebar Norwich
Currently, just 17% of the tech sector is made up by women. As a regional tech start-up, that’s demonstrated in the gender imbalance in our own office. We recognise for that to change, we have to take action to celebrate and promote diversity in our sector.

That’s one of the reasons we’re supporting Codebar, a non-profit organisation that seeks to make the tech scene a more diverse and welcoming place by running free coding workshops. They run local initiatives across the UK, including Norwich where Pickr is based.


We hosted the first of their monthly meetings for 2020, which provides minority groups a supportive and informal space to get into tech. It invites people of all ages and skills levels to take part in engaging e-learning, support with existing projects or simply get advice about getting into the sector.

Codebar attendees are paired up with professional developers by the specific skills or languages they want to learn. We’re proud to say our own senior developer, Simon Rogers, stepped up to support the event and received some got some great feedback from his mentee.


The workshop was a great success with students challenging mentors on a range of topics including html, css, javascript, jquery, php, c#, python and ruby. A number of the pairs worked on existing website improvements and some started building them from scratch.

Boosting diversity in the tech sector is critical for a number of reasons. Tech is one of Britain’s fastest growing sectors with plenty of rewarding and lucrative opportunities for the taking; opportunities minority groups should have access to.

Technology works best when it meets the needs of the people it’s designed for. This requires developers from all backgrounds, so teams aren’t limited by the parameters of their own experiences. From a business perspective, companies with more diverse teams are proven to be more profitable-a big draw for start-ups and corporates alike.

If you’re interested in becoming a developer or want to learn more about different routes into tech from people who’ve done it, Codebar workshops are a date for your diary!

The next Norwich meetup is being held at another local tech company, Neon Tribe, on the 26th of February from 6pm. Happy coding!


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