Form teams, work direct, earn more
Sometimes, two heads (or more) are better than one. Especially when top tier providers want to work with you direct.

That’s why we’ve introduced the Networks feature into the Pickr app. Your Pickr Network allows you to connect with your colleagues to form teams, allowing you to work together on bigger, more lucrative contracts.

For decades, the telecoms supply chain has operated a tiered system leaving the people on the ground whatever’s left after the big contractors have taken their cut. Working directly means ditching the bureaucracy associated with multiple links in the chain and enables you to access a larger portion of the pie. Less links means better rates. That’s more money in your pocket.

By empowering individuals to form teams within our community of workers, we’re challenging the traditional structure of the workforce and providing the tools to help fibre professionals flourish.

Network Vs Team

A Network is your own personal group of professional connections who you could join forces with to create a team in response to a specific Work Opportunity. There is no limit to the number of people you can add to your Network. You don’t have to personally know the people in your Network, but it is beneficial as it will allow you to form a Delivery Team with reliable colleagues who you know and trust.

A Delivery Team is a group of 2 or more professionals working together on specific projects or work instructions. Once the project is completed, the Delivery Team disbands. You are then free to apply for other Work Opportunities on the Pickr platform.

You are not obligated to invite anyone to your network or join a team. However, being part of a Network and working in Delivery Teams affords you greater opportunity to take on bigger contracts that demand larger headcounts or specialist skills and equipment.

Build your own dream team

By building an extensive Network with a rich variety of skills and experience, you can form specialist Teams to apply for specific Work Opportunities on the platform.

If a job requires a team of x workers with different skills or equipment, you can call on any member of your network to form a Delivery Team.

What if I’m missing something essential from my network for a specific Work Opportunity?

Some contracts may require specific skills or tools to get the job done. If you don’t have anyone in your existing Network, we will happily connect you with someone who does.

For example, a Work Opportunity you want requires an Openreach accredited UG cabler on your team, but you don’t have anyone in your Network with that accreditation. If you let us know, we’ll happily connect you to an accredited worker in your area.

Having worked together successfully, you can add this person to your network and collaborate again in the future if you want to.

How do I add people to my Network?

It’s easy. All you need to do is log onto your Pickr app and search for the person you want to add by their Pickr username or phone number.

‘Go to your Profile > Your Network > Find and Invite others to search for people to add’

Not a Pickr user? You can be. Simply download the FREE Pickr app, build your profile and start finding regular, flexible work to suit you!


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