On the sofa with Clare Sherwood
The Pickr platform is a bespoke product designed to serve the fibre industry. The technology we’re building is making it quicker and easier for businesses to connect with the talent they need.

That doesn’t happen by happy accident. Each feature must be meticulously planned from inception to execution to ensure maximum value is added for our users. That’s Clare’s job. 

Clare joined Pickr as a Business Analyst in June. She works closely with our CEO specking out the features and prioritising which functionalities get delivered first. Having re-released the revised version of the Pickr app this summer, we’ve got a strong foundation to build on. There are some exciting features coming your way!

Clare Sherwood

How does your work as a Business Analyst contribute to the Pickr Platform? 

If you boil it down, my role is to make sure that any functionality we add to the platform is right for our users.  

A lot of our product development is informed by Kane’s understanding of the fibre industry and the contacts he gained over a decade working in the sector. Our ops team also have a good open dialogue with our users, so if we’re getting into the nitty gritty and unsure if something would work on a real-world fibre installation site, we can just pick up the phone and ask. 

“I’m taking an ethereal concept and trying to break it down into clear deliverables”

My role is about refining that process, smoothing out the bumps and making sure any action we take is closely aligned with our objectives. Often, I’m taking an ethereal concept and trying to break it down into clear deliverables, making a plan and working closely with our development team to turn those plans into reality. 


Which platform features do you think will add the most value to our community of workers? 

I’m really proud of the work we’ve done on the Work Audit Tool. This is an in-app feature that allows workers to upload images of their work and use it to evidence what they’ve done or flag up problems. The app then geo-tags these images verifying the exact time and location the image was taken, drastically reducing the ability for any business to withhold pay from their contractors. It’s a simple and effective solution to a common problem within the industry, one felt by everyone involved.  

The best part is our planned expansion means we’ve only just begun and there’s huge scope for potential for Work Audit Tool to help other industries that experience similar issues. It’s also a means to help workers show their value. By building a portfolio of your experience, you’re able to show rather than just tell how skilled you are. That makes it a powerful resource for workers looking to secure their next role or get a step up on the career ladder. 

“We were recently awarded Computing’s Team of the Year Award which is hugely exciting!”

We’ve got some really exciting features planned for release by the end of the year. We’ll be doing stuff like leveraging machine learning for real time image analysis and working on a concept that will empower businesses and workers to engage on a project by project basis.  


What’s been your favourite Pickr moment to date? 

We were recently awarded Computing’s Team of the Year Award which is hugely exciting! We’re a small team in a Norwich-based start-up. You often find regional tech businesses get overlooked as they’re not based in London so it’s fantastic to get this kind of recognition so early in our journey. Between our investment and technical recognition, it really cements that we’re on the right track here and I’m excited to see how far we can take it. 

Second to that I would say beating Kane at ping-pong but it’s happened SO often now that it’s not as special. 


We’re always looking to hear from talented individuals who want to make moves into tech. If you think you’ve got great skills and experience to bring to our team, we’d love to hear from you. Drop a message to jobs@pickr.works 






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