Work Audit Tool: Get proof, get paid
Pay can be a contentious issue in any industry. Particularly if it’s being withheld.

Anecdotally, not getting paid for completed work seems disproportionately commonplace in fibre. One fibre worker we spoke to, said “Most companies I’ve worked for self-employed will rip you off in a heartbeat.” While this isn’t everyone’s experience, many fibre pros are very vocal about this aspect of the industry on social media. It’s a challenge we wanted to address.

The fibre first roll out is a big job and its maintained and built by a long supply chain of different contractors. Even if you’ve if the overall leg of work isn’t complete you still want to be paid for your contribution to it.

Withheld pay happens is most prevalent when the execution and/or the quality of the work comes into question. If you can’t prove your work, then the Tier 2/3 subcontractor you’re working for isn’t able to evidence it to their customer. Ultimately this stops the flow of cash from the service provider all the way down to you.

Evidencing your work is one way to hold businesses to account. If you can prove you did the work – to the right standard – you’re able to ensure you get paid. We’ve built and incorporated the ‘Work Audit Tool’ into the Pickr app to meet the needs of fibre workers in the field. It acts as a real time record of work and can be used to build a portfolio of your skills.

Document your work

Pickr’s Work Audit Tool allows you to generate a work pack and quickly and easily upload pictures directly from your smartphone. These images are geotagged by the app, verifying the exact time and location the photo was taken.

There’s no limit to the number of work packs you can create or how many images you can upload. Simply take the picture of your work through the app and add your synthetic codes from the drop-down menu. This is your tool and you can use it as you see fit-you can even add your own comments for maximum clarity.

Flag up challenges

Even the simplest of jobs can present challenges out of your control. There might be a van parked where you need to dig, a tree root catastrophe or a blockage in the duct. Recording these problems shows you’re not at fault.

Share with stakeholders

You’re able to generate a link to your work pack at any time. This can be sent to supervisors, site managers or whoever is responsible for signing off your work. You can share your link on any of your preferred platforms, whether that be WhatsApp, email or messenger, and the recipient doesn’t have to be a Pickr account holder to view the information.

Build a portfolio

Proving your value can be difficult in any industry but having the ability to show rather tell is a powerful tool in your arsenal to secure future work. If your splicing is ‘well tidy’, or your reinstatement is on point, the Work Audit Tool demonstrates good workmanship with a detailed back catalogue of your skills.

Use it anywhere

The fibre network is being rolled out the length and breadth of the country, providing a valuable lifeline for even the most rural of communities. A lack of 3G or WiFi won’t stop you getting recording you work in the Pickr app. The work packs and images you’ve uploaded using the Work Audit Tool will simply sync to the app as soon as you have signal. This best practice approach that allows you to be diligent and safeguard your salary regardless of your location.


This tool is already being widely adopted by the platforms most active workers. The feedback has been hugely positive with one multi-skilled engineer adding the Work Audit Tool “affords greater peace of mind knowing I’m going to get paid for the work I’ve done.” Check out this step by step video of how the Work Audit Tool works.

Have you used the Work Audit Tool yet? We’d love to know what you think about it. Send your feedback and suggestions to


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