Add vehicles, plant and tools to your profile

Like your skills, experience and accreditations, ownership of vehicles, tools and plant can be valuable strings to your bow in securing your next fibre opportunity. Our latest update allows you to upload these items to your profile, making you more appealing to businesses whose projects you’ve shown interest in.

Some projects have specific requirements or a need for equipment, others don’t. Having what items you have access to detailed on your profile allows you to apply for a wider selection of projects, often with better rates. It also makes you a more desirable Network connection for your colleagues.


Some Projects require the use of a vehicle if not already provided by the business. Having one, and detailing it fully on your profile, makes you more likely to secure work where a vehicle is required. It goes without saying you must have all the correct insurances in place. You can easily upload the documentation straight from your smartphone in just a few clicks.


While it is not always necessary, having access to specialist tools and equipment gives you a huge advantage when applying for work on the Pickr app. It means businesses don’t have the additional cost of providing you with their tools which means the overall rate for the job can be considerably more than if tools were provided. You can add these quickly and easily by selecting them from the dropdown menu on your profile.


Specialist plant and the qualified people to operate it are in huge demand across the UK. Detailing plant and the corresponding accreditations make your profile more attractive to businesses. All plant must be compliant with safety regulations, ensuring you have the correct documentation, evidencing it is serviced, maintained and correctly calibrated for arrival on site. You can find plant under the same drop-down menu as tools.


Ultimately, the more complete your profile, the more likely you are to get selected for work. Not having vehicles, tools or plant will not stop you getting work, but access to it will increase the variety, scope and size of the projects you can apply for. Not yet part of the Pickr Community? Join today.