Who we are and what we do

We’re changing the way engineers and contractors work directly with infrastructure businesses.

Founded in 2018 we’re a team of innovators who are focused on connecting engineers and contractors directly with businesses to get the job done and earn up to 3 times more money.

Our app based solution contains a network of contractors ready and able to work, we check work history, certification and help infrastructure business find the right candidates to get the job done.

Our solution is much more than just technology

How we work

We’re proud of Pickr’s transformative impact on business and contractors and we’re always seeing to improve, evolve and grow our marketplace. We never wait for inspiration to strike. Imagination, problem solving, and testing are built into our culture. We learn by doing, we grow by learning

We’re intent on rapidly disrupting the traditional industrial workforce. We started in UK fibre and now we’re taking our learnings into new sectors.

What we’re doing is revolutionary and driving change can be challenging. That only makes us more determined. We thrive on feedback from our partners and we’re committed to making the transition to better working as seamless as possible. We’re getting the job done!

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