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Technology exists to make our lives easier.

And here at Pickr, we figure if you can harness that power to magic up a chicken chow mein, tap for a taxi, or swipe your way to your next romantic partner, why shouldn’t you use it to find a great job or hire the ideal staff?

We exist to help businesses in the industrial sectors build and manage a modern, agile workforce. What does that look like? It’s people and businesses coming together to achieve exceptional things. It’s working when you want. It’s staffing projects with ease. It’s earning more and fulfilling your potential. It’s completing contracts on time. It’s making work ‘work’ for you.

We’ve built the UK’s largest talent cloud of skilled industrial workers and it's still growing. Why? Because we’re challenging the status quo. Businesses and workers have suffered at the hands of traditional recruitment agencies for long enough. We know, because we’ve experienced those challenges first hand.

The people we help work tirelessly in all conditions to keep our homes, businesses and the economy moving. They deserve better. So we built Pickr as a tool to connect the unsung heroes of the industrial sector to the businesses who are integral to building and maintaining our infrastructure.

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Meet the Team

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Kane Halsey

Founder & CEO

After years of working in the industrial sector, Kane was all too familiar with the struggles of getting the quantity and quality of staff he needed to secure a contract success. The lack of a dependable workforce solution drove him to create his own. And thus, Pickr was born!

Founding the business in 2017, the platform immediately got traction and it was clear he had something special. Uniquely placed to understand the needs of the businesses Pickr serves, Kane is all about empowering companies to build and manage their own on-demand workforce – saving them time, money and the disappointment of being overcharged and underserved.

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Hayley Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Hayley brought her unique blend of customer experience knowledge and dynamic leadership style to Pickr in January 2019. She’s been driving big results since day one, leading high-performing teams in big corporates and start-ups alike.

Her experience as the COO of the UK’s fastest growing electronic point of sale company saw her grow a team from five to 350 people across two continents in just five years. It’s this success that saw her secure 2017’s First Women in Business Award. A tireless passion for all things tech, Hayley is a board member of TechEast and a passionate advocate for women in STEM. If you're looking to make waves, she’s looking for you.

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Jeremy Glenn

Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy is responsible for Pickr’s growing development function. He joined the team in 2018 with a huge wealth of technical architecture and design knowledge to draw on, with 14 years' experience as Brandbank's Chief Information Officer which he led to acquisition in 2016.

Despite his best efforts, Jeremy is a highly-regarded member of the local tech community. His leadership skills make him an excellent mentor, working in partnership with local universities and tech networking groups. Jeremy is always on the look our for new tech talent, if you’re a fan of rude jokes and technical excellence check out our dev opportunities.