5 reasons to utilise to your Pickr Network

Have you seen Pickr’s new Networks feature yet? This functionality allows you connect with other Pickr users to build your own personal Network. From there, you can form specialist Delivery Teams to work direct for major suppliers.

Wondering why you should do that? Here are the top 5 reasons;

Access better rates

Self-forming teams allows you to work direct for major suppliers. As a team, you can take on bigger, more lucrative contracts. Working direct also removes additional links in the supply chain who would usually take their cut. You’re lining your own pockets, not anyone else’s.

It’s free

Like all aspects of Pickr, from downloading the app to finding work, there is never any charge to our community of workers. Pickr makes money from the businesses that use our platform. We will never take a cut of what you earn. The rates you see detailed on the Work Opportunity are the rates you get when the works have been completed and approved. Our Work Audit Tool makes sign off quicker and easier than ever before.

It’s easy

The Networks feature is simple to use and easy to navigate. You can add other Pickr users to your Network in just a few clicks.

‘Go to your Profile > Your Network > Find and Invite others to search for people to add’.

Work with people you trust

You already have a personal network of contractors you work with, so why not invite them to the Pickr app? Adding colleagues to your Pickr Network is a great opportunity to collaborate with people you know and trust.

Already having established relationships with the people in your Delivery Team allows you to crack on and do your best work. You know you can rely on your team to show up and work to a high standard. Cohesive teams work more effectively, completing more projects in less time, resulting in more money in all your pockets.

It’s non-exclusive

Pickr’s Networks functionality isn’t obligatory. Adding people to your Network isn’t a binding contract you’re stuck in. It simply means you have a pool of workers you can invite to form teams and work together on projects. You’re the boss, you can use the feature as you please.

As the people on the ground, building and maintaining the UK’s fibre infrastructure, we think you deserve your fair share. Join the revolution today! Download the app on iOS and Android for free and start earning today.